Android Work Revision

I recommend that Nokia Mobile to come up with a program to rebrand as Nokia Eastern Africa, where an assembly plant should be constructed along the Kiganjo-Nanyuki Highway on Solio Ranch. The actual manufacturing can be done at Konza City. Distribution rights should be given to the Ugandan and Tanzanian governments across Eastern Africa namely, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda,Burundi, Zambia, and Mozambique market.

Along with the President of Kenya's emphasis on #Manufacturing in his #Big4Agenda and #Housing, Nokia should build a site there as our own Silicon Valley. The "Site" is picturesque being surrounded by Mount Kenya on one side and the Aberdare Ranges on the other. This "Site" is serviced by electrical supply along with borehole water supply. The "Site" is mainly under subsistence agriculture.


This Nokia phone should be carved out of one aluminium block 10 millimeters thick. The length and breadth should be 5.5"*3.4" . The 0.1" to make 3.5" is for the "Power, "USB" and "earpiece jack". From the top end it should be carved to a depth, then countersunk to accommodate the battery, motherboard and screen with an allowance of 1 millimeter for the final assembly, rounding of edges. Through the earpiece jack, all the air is sucked out leaving the inside of the device a "vacuum". This should ensure better shock resistance in case of a fall, for the devices' hardware. The vibration function should also improve.

Initially, the navigational and "RSS" triple screens are the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The "copyright" to the design of the touch java applet is in the shape of the constellation "Orion" where; the four corner stars are the drop down menues and then "Orion's Belt" are three "pop-up" screens to this Nokia iOS revision.

Finally, a cover placement in kevlar jackets in the theme of the respective national flags. The "Work" comes with accessories like "SD Card"; original Nokia charger, Beats By Dre headphones designed by Bose; and Mobile Carrier 8"*6" Nokia leather carrier bag manufactured in Thika Tannery and a "power bank" by Energizer!

Mobile Carrier

Vetting for a new mobile carrier should be done after a Referendum on the Constitution of Kenya. This will guarantee security on the part of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission according to the Constitution on Results Transmission. I recommend a 5G network but, outsource the money transfer system to Safaricom M-Pesa but, with a special IEBC vetted fingerprint scanning device available at the M-Pesa merchant. This is to avoid identity card provision negligence by the consumer while making a transaction at the merchant.


The "Work" should function using iOS. It should have one App by default which doubles as the devices operating system (OS). Google, Whatsapp,Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, Instagram, mobile service provider App, banking App and a special IEBC vetted (fingerprint recognized) Facebook "tick" verified login to the phones operating system fall under the iOS App. The software is free so the Kenyan government, Mark Zuckerberg and other private developers can build it transparently where the Kenyan peoples' eye can see. By default an audience of who to "Follow" and direct contacts of notable Government Officials and emergency services, should be preloaded according to where you were registered by the Commission. All due respect, the Kenyan Government should verify (with a "Tick"), all organs of the Government; in addition to those already "Verified".

The iOS App is actually a "game" based on Google Maps for example, if you want to go "rallying" then join the East African Safari Rally circuit and use their route map: if you want to play football then go to Nyayo Stadium and join a team, if you want to join the All African Games then go to Safaricom Stadium at Kasarani and choose a track and/or field event, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Virtual characters are based on Oddworld Inhabitants. Where a Glukkon is a government official and the members of the armed forces are the Glukkon body guards and everyone else is a Mudokon.

Disclaimer This does not limit other possible ventures on hardware or software interfaces.

In order for this system to work, the Commission must expand into the Eastern Africa region but, with the same name with an addition of a country tag. The mentioned Eastern Africa countries must go through a Referendum too, for the IEBC verified biometric Facebook login to the iOS App to work across one 5G network, just one mast for the entire region to be located at Konza City. If 5G cannot provide enough coverage, then Nokia Networks can brainstorm about an improvement in a new 6G Network.

I propose the M-Pesa gadget to work on only 2G for voice calls or SMS and 5G in order for the fingerprint scanner to transmit securely. I recommend the original Nokia 8850 but, a version with an iOS fit.

I am a sole proprietor now but, if a company was to be formed, then Bill Gates gets 51% shares. The remaining 49% shares are distributed this way: I get maximum of 20% shares and "good will" of USD$ 2 billion after taxes for the two or so billion people liable to benefit from my idea. The USD$ 1 is attached to the retail price.

I&M Bank is the Bank to make the "good will" payment.

Nyeri Branch

Account Name :Elias Murungi Shaban

Account Type :Young Professional TXN

Account Currency :KES

Account Number:02301820393410

I&M Bank gets the remaining 29% after an investment of USD$ 725,000 for Stage One: voting App development.

I also get royalties for a patent for a yet to be developed App for voting on only compatible hardware through a fingerprint scanner and how results are collected, tallied, transmitted and stored.

In the mid 2000's, I filed an application with the Attorney General's Office for a possible "Kenyan Patent" - RSS which was the "Rolling Screen System" after learning about "Theme Studios" in S.40 and S.60 in Symbian OS later. I noticed that 2G phones with colour screens couldn't change "backgrounds" which I tried selling to the then COO at Safaricom, Mr. Peter Arena. I just envisioned "PowerPoint" presentation slides for ads rather than personal photos or default themes. That's where I differ till now with Safaricom. Now you have it; PowerPoint is a Microsoft product and Bill Gates bought the Forum Nokia community.

I managed to participate in Kenya Airways IPO in the ninety's in Dyer & Blair. That developed my interest in the stock exchange.

For this "Christmas Tree" to light up Konza City, Kenya Power has to split an atom at Konza City to afford the Energy for the single 5G IEBC Network across the region.


It is my sincere hope that if Kenya goes through a Referendum on the Constitution, then I be awarded for "Reasearch and Consultation" on this venture as detailed above.

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